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Vintage Mojo,

jm anders jazzmaster 01_edited.jpg

Embrace Timeless Aesthetics with Avantguard® Tortoiseshell Celluloid Pickguards.

At Avantguard®, our passion for vintage Fender guitars runs deep, especially when it comes to the exquisite allure of the original tortoiseshell celluloid pickguards from the iconic '60s era.

Enchanted by their unmatched charm, we asked ourselves: could we bring back this magic? So, in 2019, we set out on a long journey to revive this lost savoir-faire...

The result? A breathtaking collection of captivating, soulful, and authentic pickguards, lovingly handcrafted in our workshop in the heart of Paris, France.

Now, it's your turn to enhance your guitar's allure and get your mojo rising with Avantguard® tortoiseshell pickguards!