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Introducing a one-of-a-kind tortoiseshell pickguard, inspired by Sonic Youth's iconic frontman. Just like Moore's most cherished Jazzmasters, this tortoiseshell celluloid pickguard boasts a modified design, with the low horn being cut and replaced with a custom metal jack plate. Crafted from a luscious handmade ruby red vintage tortoiseshell celluloid, this pickguard has been meticulously reliced, giving it a seasoned, well-loved appearance. Elevate your instrument with this unique piece that not only pays homage to an influential musician and brings a touch of punk rock aesthetics to your setup. We put all our love and expertise in crafting this pickguard: handmade 3 ply material with thin black layer, handmade tortoiseshell, 60° beveled edge and a heavily aged look.

Thurston Moore Tribute Jazzmaster Tortoiseshell Pickguard

SKU: JM231112TM
  • Capture the allure of Thurtson Moore's favorite Jazzmasters with this unique tortoiseshell celluloid pickguard. Glorious ruby red tortoise, custom metal jack plate, and aged look make it a unique artifact for your guitar. Fits USA & Mexico-made models and Squier J.Mascis signature.

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