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Tortoiseshell pickguards, done right.


As true fans of vintage Fender guitars, we've always loved the looks of the original tortoiseshell pickguards from the 60's. So much that we asked ourselves: can we bring back the magic?

In 2019, we would embark on a journey to revive this long lost savoir-faire...


The result is Avantguard®.


A collection of captivating, colorful and vintage-correct pickguards that we each lovingly handcraft in our workshop near Paris, France.

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Our Pickguards


From the tortoiseshell layer to the 3-ply material, we make everything by hand, one pickguard at a time.


True to vintage

It's all in the details: thin black line, 60° bevel edge, truss-rod notch. We make sure to check all the vintage specs.



Each pickguard differs from another in color and pattern, making it a unique artifact for your guitar.

 Order your pickguard 

Send us a message if you would like to order a pickguard, have a custom one made, or just to say hi!

We currently provide these models: Jazzmaster US, Jaguar Japan, Mustang Japan. For any other design, we will need you to send us a tracing. 


Each made-to-order pickguard is 150 eur + shipping. An additional 30 eur will be charged if we must create a template based on your tracing. Please allow 2 weeks before shipping, 3 weeks if pickguard is custom.

Thank you for your message!